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Paragon Productions inherently believes in making a positive contribution to the ecosystem in which we live and work. Accordingly, we have developed a “code” that affirms our policies and guides our actions as we work with our co-workers, vendors, customers and the world at large.


Paragon Productions is committed to maintaining a diverse and open workplace. No person shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, religion, creed or disability.


Paragon Productions believes deeply in a respectful work environment where all employees/clients are treated with equity. Employees/clients are encouraged to provide constructive feedback to both management and fellow employees as it applies to their work.

Creating a Safe & Healthy Workplace

Paragon Productions is committed to meeting or exceeding all government guidelines regarding health and safety. 


Protecting & Respecting the Environment

At Paragon Productions, we consider the environment in everything we do.  To reduce our impact.


Being Financially Fair & Sustainable

First and foremost, Paragon Productions considers long-term impact when making decisions. We find this particularly useful in regards to the financial viability of Paragon Productions, its vendors and its clients. We believe that these three separate components of business must share in, and mutually reinforce, one another’s ongoing success. When working with clients, Paragon Productions adheres to a fair, market average for its services. We treat our clients’ money as we would our own; that is, judiciously, with a focus on doing more with less. In fact, Paragon Productions will only go beyond budget if a client requests we do so ahead of time, and routinely completes work under budget. With regard to vendors, Paragon Productions seeks long-term partnerships with companies that deliver our clients the highest quality possible. We ensure that our vendors work at a wage they consider fair (or better) for the services and skills provided. This mentality creates remarkable goodwill and flexibility, which ultimately results in exceptional work on behalf of Paragon Productions clients. Fundamentally, we place a strong emphasis on sustaining and growing each establishment’s success. The advantage to this mentality is not always fully visible in the short term; however, in two decades of business, we have continually created the elusive win-win-win for clients, vendors and Paragon Productions.


Commitment to Laws & Ethics

Paragon Productions strives to always remain above reproach with regard to its legal and ethical dealings. Historically, every contract—whether written or verbal—with a vendor or client has been fulfilled to the full satisfaction of each party. 


Maintaining Business Agreements & Records

Paragon Productions maintains an exceptionally detailed filing system. As a fundamental necessity, Paragon Productions enforces full protection of client confidentiality. After all, we are deeply dependent on our clients, and their unique offerings are critical to both their success and that of Paragon Productions. Additionally, we require that our vendors adhere to this standard to protect client assets and intellectual property through signed contract.

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